Integrate these safety add-ons in your On-demand Taxi booking app post-COVID-19

 The taxi industry has probably faced losses for the first time since its inception into the on-demand app service medium. While independent apps like Uber, Lyft, etc., had their ups and downs, the industry has, for years altogether, seen an upward trend. With the situation returning to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, people expect safer and economical rides. One cannot expect public transport to be reliable, owing to the fact that there are higher chances of virus contractions. 

With people set to incline towards taxi platforms, there cannot be an ideal time for entrepreneurs to roll out a perfectly safe Lecab clone app. In this blog, let’s look at the safety add-ons that can make a massive impact on the audience. 

  • Restricting the passenger count: A congested taxi can act as a hub for virus transmissions. To avoid such a scenario, it becomes mandatory for taxi platforms to restrict the passenger count by 2 or 3, depending on the pandemic’s intensity in a particular region. 

  • Face mask and glove recognition software: To avoid virus transmissions from drivers to passengers and vice versa, it is essential to have built-in software to recognize face masks and gloves. This way, those drivers and passengers not complying with safety guidelines are not allowed to provide/avail taxi services. 

  • Go online checklist: Both passengers and drivers in the community need to answer a questionnaire related to COVID-19 symptoms before taking up services. 

  • Safety ratings and reviews: This feature is inevitable in an on-demand taxi booking app post-COVID-19. Users and drivers can rate and review each other for safety standards at the end of the ride. This way, those parties that do not adhere to standards can be removed from the community. 

Summing up, 

The need for perfectly safe rides is more than ever among people. The COVID-19 has provided an opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain the trust of customers. Invest wisely in a Cabify clone app development, launch the app, and gain a unique position in customers’ smartphones.


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