Monetization Strategies to Consider During Cabify Clone App Development

 Almost any business works towards achieving two fundamental aspects - satisfying customers and boosting profits. While these elements are inter-dependable, an entrepreneur needs to focus distinctively on these aspects. While the on-demand taxi market promises a sound ROI for entrepreneurs, it is the businessperson who decides the multiple ways of revenue generation based on their needs. 

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to initiate your Cabify clone app development? If so, provide the utmost care when it comes to revenue models. This blog discusses different monetization strategies that can help a taxi app proliferate its income. 

  • Commission fees: It is your platform that bridges the gap between drivers and passengers effortlessly. Hence, drivers give up a part of the passenger's payment as paid commissions. This way, as long as customers book cabs via your Lecab/Cabify clone app, you can gain consistent income. 

  • Subscription plans: Subscriptions are a great way to benefit passengers and yield profits simultaneously. You can roll out numerous subscription plans to customers either monthly/yearly, opening the floodgates of revenue. 

  • In-app advertisements: A highly popular app has a remunerative advantage when it comes to advertisements. By displaying third-party ad banners for a specified time, these vendors pay you based on various metrics like views, impressions, clicks, etc. 


These are some of the popular ways of generating income via a Lecab clone. It is entirely up to the entrepreneurs to decide the revenue models based on their preferences. An entrepreneur with the right finesse can maximize profits in the shortest possible time.  


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